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Weddiculous by Jamie Lee

img_2079Many of you know that I’m getting married this year… I took my engagement as an invitation to dive deep in to the pinterest world and have allowed myself to get wrapped up in a lot of the minutiae Big Bridal tells me to worry about. Reading Jamie Lee’s book Weddiculous has been both grounding and hilarious.

Her honesty has really helped me refocus on what matters… My partner and our families. We are throwing an awesome party to celebrate our love and it really doesn’t matter to me if some one shows up in cargo shorts.

Jamie Lee will feel like a new friend and will become your honorary bridesmaid. She will also make you toss our all those $30 bridal magazines because her advice is just so much fucking better.




The Hunt for White October…


The perfect dress. You will just “know” that it is the one. Well at least that is what all the shows on TLC tell you. The truth is I have tried on 10 dresses. Some were obviously not right… like the pink bedazzled one that could stand on its own. In between all the scary dresses, I have found 2 really strong contenders. But something is missing.

So here is my question… Is there really something missing or is it just that I’ve been taught to expect to much?

The perfect dress should be comfortable, it should make you look like the best version of yourself, it should feel like me. I think thats not too much to expect considering the price tag.

I just don’t want to turn into one of those brides that has tried on 30,000 dresses and all the consultants in the lower mainland have my photo on some kind of bridezilla databank.

About the title & photo:

Also as I was finishing up this post I realized that the title should be “The Hunt For White October” and laughed really hard. So I did it, and then I remembered that Sean Connery wears a wedding dress in Zardoz and everything came together really well



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I’ll be a Sadie…


I’m getting married in October. We have booked a venue, I think I found a dress. But now the hard part begins. The music. Apparently you should have 3 songs for the ceremony… the processional, the signing, and the recessional. I’ve know for a while what I’d like to walk down the aisle to, but what about the others?

I saw Max for the first time about a month before I met him. He was passing through Lake Louise and stopped in to my work to catch up with one of my co-workers.

The next time I saw him he was sitting on a bench in front of Laggens Bakery. I was behind my till when my friend poked her head into the market… she looked at him then at me and said… “you should hook up with that guy, he looks like your type.” I didn’t know I had a type, and he didn’t look like anyone I had dated before. Ho Hey was playing.

We had a party that night, to say goodbye to some friends and to welcome Max who moved in next door. I drank more Gin then was strictly necessary. We walked home from the bar holding hands, he gave me the dessert from his microwave dinner. Give Me Everything By Pitbull was on repeat.

We moved to Banff and didn’t spend a night apart until I went home for Christmas. We were broke and living in a shitty shared house on Muskrat St affectionately nicknamed “The Crackden.” At the time I thought that Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina really suited this period of our relationship.

I took the train from Jasper to Hamilton. I did not have a return ticket. A busker played Hallelujah in the station. The plan was for Max to join me in Ontario as soon as I found a job. A job didn’t materialize so he bought me a plane ticket back to him.

The soundtrack to our relationship is not ideal. And we don’t share a common musical sensibility.  I’m all nostalgia, and he prefers music with ZERO feeling. He just discovered Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears and it is the first overlap in our tastes in a while.

The reception will be an eclectic mix of our favourite songs, but the ceremony has me stumped.

Etta James, Penny and The Quarters, The Beach Boys, Tom Waits… the options are truly overwhelming.

The photo is from Funny Girl which is where the title of this post comes from… it’s also a Gilmore Girls reference.