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The first time I went to summer camp I was so excited. I read over every scrap of paper in the welcome package they sent (the first piece of mail I ever got). I packed my bag according to the checklist they included. I studied maps of each site and memorized the names for each age group of kids. I was ready… and this was before school had even finished. Camp wouldn’t begin for another 2 weeks.

I haven’t been excited like that for a very long time. After a certain age I think we all stop reaching that level. I don’t know why that is. Does it come from a place of apathy and laziness, do we become embarrassed to show true pure excitement?

Well, I am not embarrassed… I am going to Ontario for the first time in 2 years in 10 days and I am half way packed. In part because we’re going to a wedding and my fancy stuff stays in a garment bag, but the bigger part is that I am so dang happy to be going home.

Ontario is far from being my home anymore. I can’t ever really see myself living there again. My parents don’t live there anymore. Its no longer my home, but it’s my hometown. There is something so fun and nostalgic about being back there. Every time I go so much has changed, but a lot doesn’t. Its a world I can navigate without google maps.

I’m so excited , I may not be able to sleep the night before.

About Me, Travel

A Much Needed Vacation

We lived in Banff for two years before moving up north, so when we visit it feels a little like coming home.


We have friends there, we fell in love there, we love to eat there.

We managed to arrange things so that we could be joined by Max’s mother, who flew in from England. She visited us at Christmas but we were all terribly sick, making her visit kinda of a bust.

Now, in my two years of living in the snow sport lovers paradise that is Banff I had only skied once. You read that right. 3 world class ski resorts at my door and I only strapped  planks of wood to my feet and threw myself down a mountain ONCE. I can now say that I have been twice and live to tell the tale. I am even thinking of buying some of my own ski equipment. Max is a great skier and patient teacher. I think ski holidays are going to become a regular thing!

It was Valentines weekend, and family day weekend, and also Max’s Birthday. Everywhere was packed with people. But we still managed to do hiking with the dog, some shopping and eat at all of our favourite spots in town. ¬†Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese at the Saltlik, Wings and Pulled Pork Nachos at The Bear Street Tavern, Sushi Boats at Samurai, and Valentines Day brunch at The Bison.

I also managed to read Maybe In Another Life By Taylor Jenkins Reid, and re-read Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

It was nice to have a week of family, friends and roadtrips. (It is an 8 hour drive, we discovered some new podcasts, Lore is especially great!)

Now it is back to work.