Podcats….? No. Podcasts.

I do not drive. I have a learners permit which I have held for more then 5 years with out actually learning to drive. That doesn’t mean I don’t commute. I ride my bike or walk for about a hour a day… weather to work or running errands. And before you ask… yes I can read and walk. But I am still new to the area and do not trust myself to do so safely. So, I listen to a lot of podcasts.

The Vinyl Cafe & The Q


Both podcasts are presented by the CBC which served as my introduction to podcasts and to a lot of the Canadian music I love to this day. (I really miss Grant Lawrence’s Radio 3 podcasts. I’m still getting used to the Q without Shad.)

These were the podcasts that started it all. I remember listening on an iPod nano on the bus to high school.

No Such Thing As A Fish / Gilmore Guys


The ones that brought it all back. I had stopped listening to podcasts for a long time But them Serial happened and they became good again.My now fiancee, then boyfriend and I were about to embark on an 8 hour road trip and since we don’t agree much on music, I sought out something else for our long car rides. No Such Thing was our something else. He is an ex pat who loves QI so we listened to ever available episode on our next 20 car rides.

Gilmore Guys was different. I live in a constant state of watching Gilmore Girls. I listened to the backlog of episodes and now listen every week, no matter how much Demi hates Bunheads.

True Crime Casts…. Mysteries – Lore, Unexplained, True Crime Garage, My Favorite Murder, Thinking Sideways, You Must Remember This


I have always loved a creepy story. It all stems from a life of too much A& E and national enquirer… and also being a blonde child in the 90’s I grew up with a sincere fear that I would be the next Jaycee Dougard, JonBenet Ramsay, or Elizabeth ┬áSmart. I always keep one mystery/thriller in my reading rotation as I know these are the stories I devour easiest.

X-Files Files, Buffering The Vampire Slayer

I love feeling like someone else is as obsessed as I am. Max and I love X-Files… one of our dogs is named Scully. And I love Feminist fangirls talking all things Buffy.