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La La Land


My current career crisis has lead to a lot of introspection… I’ve been looking back on my life and on the things that make me truly happy. Some are obvious. Like my fiancee, my pets, and books. Others have been a complete surprise. Like cooking. Some are hard to cop to and even harder to do *cough* writing *cough*.  But some are things I’ve lost track of or have loved a little less deeply in the last few years. Like musicals.

My grandmothers favorite movies were the musicals of her childhood. Together we watched Funny Face, Easter Parade, Meet Me In St Louis, White Christmas, My Fair Lady, Singing in The Rain, but we watched Wizard of Oz the most. I was obsessed. At age 4 I could would do the Tin Man dance in the kitchen with a funnel on my head.

There is something so vivid about the musicals of the 50’s and 60’s. Colour was new. The worlds on the screen became so beautifully saturated with it. It is something we so rarely see outside of Wes Anderson movies. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some darkness. But the newer movies that I really truly love are able to capture some of that particular type of nostalgia, and make me feel some of the wonderment I felt as a kid watching Judy Garland spin around in a pretty dress before a painted skyline.

La La Land checked all of those boxes for me. The love for those films is even part of the narrative of the film. I was enraptured, the only thing that pulled me out was Miss Patty’s being featured multiple times… The costuming and sets are so wildly hypnotic. Musically speaking, I do believe that this film will continue the work of Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley and make Jazz cool again.

Diving down this rabbit hole has been a welcome distraction from my job hunt. If you are ever stressed or worn out, go to your local library, borrow some DVDs and let your self get wrapped up in the warm blanket that is Judy Garland –  THE EARLY YEARS, not the Valley of The Dolls years. Although that is an amazing story in all its forms.




In a galaxy far, far away…


Growing up I had the worlds best baby sitter. Her family lived across the street from the house my mom and I shared with my grandparents. The babysitter had two boys of her own but would watch me in the mornings and after my half days at school.

It was on a rainy day at the sitters that I watched Star Wars for the first time.  From that moment on her boys and I were hooked. We would watch the movies, play with the toys, but most of all we would make believe we were the characters. As the only girl I was always Leia.

My love of Star Wars has continued well into my adulthood, despite all the less than amazing sequels.  To be honest (and I know many fans will agree) something has been missing from the franchise for a very long time. The interest I had in the story dwindled with every over animated fight sequence.  I’ve always found cartoons less believable than puppets, make up and costuming.  I  feel like Star Wars lost its humanity. It became a game of “look at this cool thing we can do now that we couldn’t do back then. Oh, and while we’re at it lets remaster and ruin the originals.” ANIMATED JABBA THE HUT IS NOT THE FUCKING SAME, ASSHOLE.

At its core it is a story about good and evil. But its also about having hope. The sequels got the first part but lost the second pretty quickly. Rogue One has brought the hope back to Star Wars. As an immediate lead up to A New Hope how could it not?  It was like the return of an old friend. My eyes were in a near constant state of watering and my cheeks hurt from smiling. It gave us an insight in to the Rebellion that was sorely missing from all the other prequels. I just have a lot of feelings about Rogue One and should stop rambling now. But I will finish with this… Rogue One recaptured all of the things  I have always loved about Star Wars. It made me a fucking believer again. May the force be with you.






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Romeo & Juliet


Stupid kids…

In grade 10 english my teacher taught us the meaning of the word fickle. It is a synonym for Romeo.

In the beginning he loves Rosaline, and then he is all about Juliet who by the way is a lot younger than him. He jumps from one romantic interest to another. He is the worst.

I feel like Benvolio should have said “Part fools…you know not what you do” to those two dummies.

It was the second Shakespeare play I ever read, and is still the only one I can quote start to finish.

It may be “The Greatest Love Story Ever” but I like the movie better.

And that is something I NEVER EVER EVER say. EVER!



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Valentine’s Day


I would like to start by stating that my boyfriend and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is not because we are unromantic or cynical. It is because it’s Max’s birthday.

Since I have all of this pent up Valentines Day energy, I’m going to create a series of posts about romance.

Love songs, rom-coms, billowy romance novels, tragic love stories, my first crush… all things I will discuss over the 14 days leading up to the  big day.

I love love stories in all their forms, what can I say I am a big old sap.