An extra day…

With leap day approaching I can’t help but think of the amazing 30 Rock episode in which leap day is celebrated by everyone and the mascot of the day is Leap Dave Williams. A sage like tooth fairy type character that dresses like a dandy and has gills…? Yes I am remembering that correctly. It also made me wonder what the real leap day traditions and folk lore are. 

The only thing I could find was about Bachelors Day. A time when a woman can ask a single man to marry her. Then he has to give her money or by her a dress. If he refuses he has to by her 12 pairs of gloves… I am not making this up. I swear.  The gloves are so the woman can hide the fact that she wasn’t successful on Bachelors Day. 

Well I will not be proposing to my feller on tommorow, but I will take advantage of my extra day to bring my 2016 book count up to 18! 


The Cursed Child


I was hoping this would happen. 

When I heard that good old J.K. had written a play, I just knew that a novelization wouldn’t be far behind.

With production on Fantastic Beasts well on its way, now is the perfect time to ramp up the excitement. Not that we don’t all live in a constant state of  Harry Potter love.

I know I do. The J.K. Rowling and her team plays things so smart. Every few months we are treated to some new exciting insight into the Wizarding World. Whether it be the release of ebooks, opening new theme parks, posting character backstory on Pottermore. It is all paced in a way that keeps Harry Potters audience constantly engaged.

I pre-ordered Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Indigo and got 1000 plum points. That still won’t stop me from attended what ever release party I am nearest to on July 31st.

Begin your countdowns kids, magic is back.


About Me, Travel

A Much Needed Vacation

We lived in Banff for two years before moving up north, so when we visit it feels a little like coming home.


We have friends there, we fell in love there, we love to eat there.

We managed to arrange things so that we could be joined by Max’s mother, who flew in from England. She visited us at Christmas but we were all terribly sick, making her visit kinda of a bust.

Now, in my two years of living in the snow sport lovers paradise that is Banff I had only skied once. You read that right. 3 world class ski resorts at my door and I only strapped  planks of wood to my feet and threw myself down a mountain ONCE. I can now say that I have been twice and live to tell the tale. I am even thinking of buying some of my own ski equipment. Max is a great skier and patient teacher. I think ski holidays are going to become a regular thing!

It was Valentines weekend, and family day weekend, and also Max’s Birthday. Everywhere was packed with people. But we still managed to do hiking with the dog, some shopping and eat at all of our favourite spots in town.  Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese at the Saltlik, Wings and Pulled Pork Nachos at The Bear Street Tavern, Sushi Boats at Samurai, and Valentines Day brunch at The Bison.

I also managed to read Maybe In Another Life By Taylor Jenkins Reid, and re-read Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

It was nice to have a week of family, friends and roadtrips. (It is an 8 hour drive, we discovered some new podcasts, Lore is especially great!)

Now it is back to work.


Happy Galentine’s Day


What is Galentine’s Day?

“Well it is only the best day of the year, every February 13th my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and we just come kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas!”

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to tell your lady friends how much you love and appreciate them.






Vampire Romance


With out guilt or shame I can say that this is one of my favourite sub-genres. I have always found something fascinating about truly eternal romance. The history nerd in me love a character who carries the past with them. I like the danger aspect, the mythology, and all of the things that come with vampires. Like witches, werewolves, ghosts!

Gahh, I love it. I can say though, as an adult and a bit of a feminist I can no longer abide that whole Twilight mentality. You know the “I’m a big strong vampire and you need protecting so I make all the decisions and will one day (against my wishes) I will make you a vampire” thing. I like books in this genre that fight against that. Like the Sookie Stackhouse books. Or the All Souls Trilogy. Where the vampires are possessive jerks but the women are strong and powerful in their own right.

Fantasy-Romance books are the ones I devour on long car rides, or on beaches. They are usually gripping page turners that are easy to read. I can’t help getting sucked in.




Pushing Daisies


Hands down the best television romance EVER.

I personally believe that for a tv romance to work there has to be a hefty dose of will they / won’t they in the mix. And that shows have a tendency to die after the couple couples. In the case of pushing daisies, one of them actually will die if they even touch.

It was a quirky, funny, vivid show that was canceled far, far too soon.

I hate when a story goes unfinished.



Away We Go


Home is something we all search for. Max and I have lived in a few different places over the course of our relationship and are still searching for the place that truly feels like home.

I think that search is something every couple goes through.

I’d like to believe that home is where the heart is, and the home is wherever we are together but I do think you can find the person AND the place that is home.

This is my favourite romance movie, because it isn’t really a romance movie. It’s about the struggle that comes after a Happy Ever After.