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MTV I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

Another productive day lost to trashy reality tv. I could have finished one of the two books I have on the go. Or done laundry. Or worked on my writing.

But instead I watch 2 whole seasons of 16 and Pregnant.


How did I find myself watching 16 and Pregnant you ask…

Well I love a little show called Teen Mom 2.

I wanted to see how all these ridiculous young women got their start in the world of reality television.

I was enraptured. I got up only to pee and walk Dee (who was into it just as much as I was)

And then all of a sudden it was hours later and me and Dee had been through all of the heart break and drama that comes with being irresponsible with out ever having to leave our couch.

See that is the thing I love about garbage tv, I don’t have that life. But I can live in it for a while.

No guilty pleasures here. I proudly profess that I love MTV reality show.

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